Sustainable enterprise

Sustainability and safety are high priorities at Duijst Transport Soest.

Euronorm for new lorries

Lorries have become much cleaner in recent years as a result of the strict emission standards for new vehicles. We invest only in lorries that comply with the strictest Euronorm. Our lorries are serviced properly and on time and the tyre pressure is checked regularly. Thanks to these and other measures, we drive more economically and use less fuel and oil.

Optimising routes and sharing the CO2 footprint

We make combined deliveries of goods from different manufacturers for the same retailer in order to maximise the load factor. Optimising the routes in this way reduces the number of kilometres driven each year.


As we drive the same routes several times a week, we can restrict express deliveries and/or back orders to a minimum. This saves money for our clients and reduces the environmental impact. We now specialise in the distribution of bedroom products, which means that our CO2 footprint is shared with the various clients.

Driving behaviour

Our drivers stand out for their optimum sustainability contribution. We have analysed driving data and driving times for several years, providing drivers with an insight into their driving behaviour and tips on how to improve this. It is well known that an adapted driving style can lead to cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions.


We work with experienced drivers. They all possess the Behaviour Based Safety Programme (BBS) certificate. BBS is a European programme that focuses on increasing safety during transport through positive driving behaviour.

For us, safe driving with a low environmental impact means:

  • lorries with the highest Euronorm
  • high load factor for fewer kilometres
  • more economical driving through timely maintenance
  • good, environment-friendly driving behaviour
  • experienced and well-trained drivers